Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fuzzy slippers

Sometimes I like to play dress up. Mostly in women's clothes, but Dad's t-shirts will do. In particular, I love me some fresh laundry -- especially when undies are available. Mom's make good necklaces and Dad's make good hats.

But once we move this party to the closet (no pun intended), there's a whole new universe. So many shoes... The fuzzy slippers are my favorite pair:
What's that you say? I have on no clothes?
First of all, who needs clothes when you have on a great pair of shoes? And, second, yuppers, that's me. Nekked*.
Streaking into the closet after a shower, grabbing the shoes, and then running around with the fuzzy slippers on is good fun.

Yeah, like you don't do it, too.

* naked for all you Northerners.

ps. No eyes burning from this post. Mom did some blurring in the first picture to protect my innocence. Or your innocence. Or maybe herself.

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