Saturday, September 26, 2009

This weekend vs Last weekend

This weekend
Mom and dad skipped their walk on Saturday.
I know: Horrors.
Well, they actually left for it and then turned around because dad wasn't feeling so hot.
Maybe he had a little too much fun Friday night:

Things clearly got a little wild.

Or maybe the infernal heat and humidity was a little too much.

No matter, Mom hopped on her trusty elliptical and Dad went to go see our brand new foundation and chat with our contractor, Larry:

Then mom took me swimming before they left to look at cabinets. Exciting.
(Both the swimming and the cabinets.)

Of course they don't listen to my input on the cabinets, but it's ok: Dad told mom that he "will let [her] be [his] cabinet selector anytime." Which is good, because mom had already assumed the title of Chief Decorator and Cabinet Selector. Apparently dad glazed over the memo. It was good for him to see the showroom -- the cabinets look a lot different than the catalog...

Who's to say what Sunday can hold... I suspect a long walk, but what do I know...?

Last weekend
Things were super busy. Mom and dad got to take a couple really long walks, one with
some friends who are due a few weeks after mom. Mom maybe walks a little too fast for them, but I think it's because she was looking for a bathroom.

And Mom and Dad went out for a really nice Rosh Hashanah dinner (mom made a killer apple challah for dad to take to work that Friday).

And there was all the cleaning and shopping and webcam setting up-ping. They did get to visit with some family. Everyone had a really nice time and mom and dad enjoyed catching up with Aunt Florence and Debbie. They do love showing off my blog and the house plans.

Mom was pretty ready for Monday to come so she could sit down at her desk and figure out some bladder cancer data and interview some programmers. Riveting. Well, it is to her. I usually take a nap or poke her in the ribs so she knows I want to do something...

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