Monday, September 21, 2009

The Actor's Studio.

Starring: My Dad

Otherwise known as His Encore Performance at child birthing class

Last week, Dad gave a knockout performance during class. No, there was no costume involved.
Or stripper pole.

The assignment: Mom and Dad should work on this assignment independently. Using any medium, portray the moment of birth. This may be done from your perspective, your partner's perspective, or the baby's perspective.

Dad conducted a symphony of role-playing class volunteers.

The notes went something like this:

Mom. Bless her heart. Busted out the crayolas and got in touch with more symbolism than may have been necessary for a non-graduate level class...
(L) her vision of my perspective, (R) Mom's perspective

She did expect dad to do something a little off the wall this time and thankfully brought the camera. Smart lady. She might be able to keep up with me someday...
Now if only she had remembered how to record video -- WITH SOUND... Oy vey.
And if she knew how to rotate the film...

My next lecture will be on Crying: Decoding the decibels. Of course, it won't actually take place for about 5 weeks, but... who's counting, really?

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