Saturday, September 12, 2009

The New Labor Party

(Otherwise known as The Real Childbirthing Class)

Takes place every Wednesday for 8 weeks and is proving to be much more fun than the Fake Class Mom and Dad took earlier in the summer. It's a natural childbirth class, so the couples are all on the same page. The teacher is a doula who is very down-to-earth and honest about labor (e.g., it's really gratifying but it really hurts). Everyone gets to talk to each other about their fears, hopes, and dreams (instead of being lectured about epidurals, Pitocin, and sections, oh my).

The class is held at the birthing center, so, if nothing else, mom and dad know where to go in October. That said, it is proving to be a good use of my time, offering ample opportunity to eavesdrop on what moves all the other kids are bustin' out on their mom's bladders. And who knew, there are other internal organs to prod?!?! Really, the class is quite edifying.
How about that reaction to a swift poke in the ribs?

The highlights thus far include:
  • A lengthy discussion of Kegel-ing and the pelvic floor. Which included mom confessing that she told dad he didn't have a pelvic floor and the teacher asking if we were stocking up on Depends already.

    We're not sure if everyone was punchy or if laughter is contagious...

  • Dad doing an interpretive dance of My Life in Utero.

    I think mom may have leaked she was laughing so hard. Maybe she needs to work on those Kegels. Or put the water bottle down for like 10 minutes.

    Unfortunately, there was no camera present. And, no, Mom did not think about the fact that her pink Barbie phone can take pictures and video. She was busy trying not to pee.

    Dad might need this shirt to commemorate his performance:
Dad has something cooking for this weeks homework: Me, Being Born. I'm sure of it, but I guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday to see what fun-ness he has planned. I'm not sure if he can top the last performance.

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