Saturday, August 17, 2013

Close encounters...

... Of the bench kind.
Back in August (August 10th, if you must know), while Tia Chavie was rocking our world here, I finally got to do something I'd been bugging Mom about for a long time: 
Yup, that's right folks, the ole' Emergency Room.
You see, I thought it would be a perfect way to spend a Saturday night while Dad was out of town.
After bath that night, I was so excited to get into bed and have Tia Chavie read, that I took a flying leap into the sharp, pointy corner of my bench, thus splitting my head open and leaving lots of blood on the carpet (good thing Mom wants to get rid of that carpet! Someday...), towel, Tia Chave, Tia Chavie's shirt, my shirt, my boxers (don't ask), and, generally speaking, any other light colored surface available.
After summoning Mom with my shrieks and Tia Chavie's utterance of, "Uh, Chantal, I think you need to come here."
Mom: "Is he bleeding?"
TC: "uh, yeah."
Mom: "Oh dear lord. Jesus Christ. What happened?"
Later that night Tia Chavie admitted that she might need to work on her delivery of this kind of news in future. Mom is rather hoping that it never happens again, but realist versus optimist... tomayto tomahto.
Anywho. So we cut Nugget's massage short, poor kid, threw some clothes on her, threw her in the car seat, stuffed Aunt Chavie between the car seats in the back to maintain pressure, and raced off to and urgent care place called East Jefferson After Hours, which turned out to have no hours. Groan. Redirect and off to the Emergency Room.
Where I got 5 stitches and a whole lot of shots of lidocaine. Mom and a nurse held me down and Tia Chavie held Mom. Nugget, incidentally, slept through the whole thing after screaming her head off in the car. The triage nurses did give me some cool stickers.
And then the doctor sent us a cool bill in October.
All in all, we were all troopers, me especially. Everyone pretty much agrees that I am super brave. And I have a super cool scar (that we're still treating with Mederma).
While I thought about capitalizing on this incident and being Marcustein Monster for Halloween, I'm afraid Buzz Lightyear won out.

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