Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp week 7

It's hard to believe that camp is almost over for the summer -- well, M-F camp. Week 7 was a lot of fun, no big surprise there. Our newsletter this week summarized things pretty well and I'm going to use some of it here...Chaverim 1 pretended to be little Michaelangelos: We got to make our very own picture by drawing upside down. It was silly, and fun, and we loved every minute of it. We all asked our counselors if we could do all our art upside down.
Note the crossed legs. I am concentrating hard on my art skillz.
I, in turn, asked Dad to hold me upside down. By my ankles. Slightly different affect.
We learned how to say mom and dad in Hebrew thanks to Mr. Tamir's teachings. I told everyone that my "sister is prettier than any girl!" Watermelon Wednesday involved one of my favorite fruits and a heckuva lot of pre-treat on my shirt.
technically lunch, not watermelons; Jacob really likes turkey
Thursday I got the all clear (on the fluid in my ears) from the pediatrician, and Mom denied me the nectar of the Gods, aka Milk Bar shake. Boo hiss, Mom. Finally, on Friday, Aunt Donna came to Oneg Shabbat and then I went home with her for a little while. Mom helped me pack the night before since I needed to bring some toys, books, and my jammies. Mom didn't quite understand that I only needed 2 cars because "Uncle Dan doesn't know how to play cars"; she mostly just found that statement very funny. I may or may not have ingested large quantities of sugar. I'm not telling. We had a a lot of fun and Aunt Donna and Uncle Dan brought me back for bedtime. Good times.
Saturday and Sunday I continued to perfect my waking up early to go into Mom and Dad's room. For some reason, they are not so excited about my 5.30 and 6 am arrivals... It makes for so much more interesting of a day, so I don't get it. When I get an early start like that, it insures I hit "train wreck" status early enough in the day to exhaust everyone. I did go to Dad's soccer game on Saturday and had fun holding down the bench, but Sunday I was mostly just a Betty Bunny handful.

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