Monday, June 25, 2012


SoccerTots started in March, and my first season wrapped up a couple weeks ago. It was a ton of fun and Coach Kenny should probably be sainted or knighted or lobotomized. We had a lot of fun but there was a strong semblance to cat herding at times. There were also a few meltdowns from my soccer buddies -- everyone has a bad day... It was infinitely entertaining to both us and and our moms (or dad): High knees means goose stepping, right? Jump means gallop? ... And a little frustrating at times: Rue the day I ever met that red balloon; and "stuff in my shoe!" 
Toe touching is much easier when you bend your knees. 
Most of us know our colors...
Or perfecting the flop.
I'll never tell.
Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I really missed it during the off week. Thankfully the summer session started last week, and I'm playing on Wednesday and Saturdays now! All the more opportunity for  Mom or Dad to yell GOOOAAAAALLLLL.

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