Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy Dearest

We had a lovely day with Dad for Dad's Day. All thanks to me.

Truly I am amazing.

Mom made banana bacon waffles, which were delicious. And we got to relax and enjoy the day.

It was a good precursor to Brian Day... Which involved a whole lot of cake. And a lot of chanting (for cake). And a lot of spelling of cake: C-A-K-E cake cake cake.
And the candles. Love me some candles.
What do you mean I'm not the one who's supposed to be blowing them out? Nonsense. They're a fire hazard, you know.
And we sang the birthday song approximately 27 times.

Incidentally, I did get some good practice eating cake at my friend Ella's bday earlier in the month. She had a Nemo cake and a bouncy house -- at this awesome place called the Monkey Room. We hadn't been there in almost a year, and I have spent 3 weeks telling Mom how fun it was. (Mom is starting to suspect she and Dad may have to step up the Marcus Day festivities a notch...)
Nemo cake's unfortunate brown reefs on the side tasted good.
Their appearance was a little disconcerting, though...
normal sized bite
flip-top-head sized bite
Mom and I made Dad some very nice cards for Dad's birthday. Mine had, you guessed it, cake that popped out when opened. And a little ditty in honor of Dad:

At last it’s here
You’ve made it a whole extra year
To 35
You’re still alive
(And kicking)
Amazing, in my opinion
But I am Mom’s minion
On Brian Day
I We want to say
We love you
For all you are and all you do

In 365 days
Things change in so many ways:
  A little taller
    Maybe not
  A little wiser
  A little greyer

You’re the best dad
At least, that I’ve ever had
Mom’s favorite spouse
(Don’t snoop under the house)
You make us smile
So we’ll keep you awhile
Let’s get our kicks
Only until you’re 36
Just kidding
You’ll always be mine*
Even when you’re 99

Happy birthday
We love you

* We mean “our’s”

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