Monday, May 2, 2011

Gramma and Grampa

Gramma and Grampa came for a little visit a couple weekends ago. I hadn't seen them since August and am waaay cooler now, with that whole walking thing and copious teeth. Not to mention my mad peeing-on-the-potty skillz*.

We had a lot of fun in a little time!

Limited not just to reading and my feeding Grampa Cheerios.

We started with a little house tour -- here's the deck:

And here's my room:

Not too much later we had bath time -- which always presents hairstyling and bubble blowing opportunities.
hmm, still dry...

this is mo betta:

All done? Nuh-uh!

there's still time to flirt -- I do love a photo op!

Then on Saturday we went to the playground where I showed off my sliding (and swinging, climbing, hanging, running, dog petting, kid following, ...):

We came home for a little while so Gramma could supervise our contractor. He was finally installing the beautiful stained glass windows she made for our house. We really like looking at them -- it makes the journey upstairs/downstairs much more exciting.

After a little rest and a spot of lunch, we headed to the aquarium to visit some of my relatives:
Note the similarity in smiles. The sharks actually have fewer teeth, though.

And the piranhas

And the frog prince

It was a lot of fun. No pictures of our trip to get frozen yogurt afterwards, though that may have been the best part :)

Alas, all good things must come to an end...
But I want to see you next!

* I have actually pooped on the potty twice now, too! Go me. It's a party in the potty!

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