Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Boots

What what!?! you might be saying to yourself right about now.
Is that a fantastic 2nd hair cut we detect?
Yes, but you digress...

Back to my snow boots...

While they are fabulous for strolling about our kitchen, they really aren't for here*; they're for vakay. As you may know, Mom and Dad are getting the heck out of dodge for Mardi Gras this year: Utah. I'm not sure how much skiing they'll really be doing, but it'll be a nice change of scenery. I'll be checking out the mountain's day care, which could go really well. Or really wrong.

Regardless, it's really a win-win situation: Tenzing got a box, and I got snow boots for for wandering the mean streets Park City.

* unless Mom pulls the old New Orleans fur coat trick: turn the AC on and get the house nice a chilly so I have a chance to wear them here

1 comment:

El JoPe Magnifico said...

They're not snow boots, li'l buddy.
They're MOON BOOTS! Far superior.