Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup

World Cup started on the 11th and Dad has been trying to watch as much soccer as possible. I've been helping. Sometimes the games don't go quite as well as Dad would like:

See. All I can say is, "Oh my. Silly Ref" The Phantom Foul of 2010 will live in infamy!

The games, or at least halftime, give us a chance to have man-talk and do things like practice my cruising (as evidenced below).

Brian: Look mom, no hands!

Then Mom comes over and demonstrates crawling, which I'm thisclose to getting.

And in other news, 1 of my 4 tooths up top has broken through, with the top front 2 maybe opening up (they go in and out a little, making them somewhat elusive). I am sleeping soooooooo much better. Mom started laughing about it. Behind my back, no doubt. I think she was down right giddy about it yesterday. Drunk on sleep and cleaning.

All this time, it was my teeth.

Guess that's why most kids get them one at a time. Not 6 at a time. Must be a Neulander thing, since my crazy cuz had the same situation.

So Dad's Day is tomorrow and Brian Day (also known as Dad Day to me) is Tuesday, so I'm very excited and am working on giving Dad a big kiss. Maybe making a poop for him. You know, something special. The Contractor Fairy already came early and left Dad a shiny new cordless drill. Dad was very touched.

To all the other Dads in my life, I wish you a fantastic day (and hope your card doesn't take too long to arrive).

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