Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mom and Dad took me on a BIG adventure for Mardi Gras.
And I don't mean back down to the Quarter...

We went to Syracuse! We got to take planes and see snow and visit with lots of family. And I got to sleep right in between Mom and Dad for like 4 days. I'm back to the co-sleeper now, though...
(Ok, actually I haven't been sleeping that well since we returned -- all part of my attempts to recapture the coveted middle position in their bed... I will fight Tenzing, if necessary.).

It was a busy day getting to SYR... Mom said that you should always dress nicely when you fly, so I did. Ta da:

Once we got to Mimi and PopPop's house, Mom helped me fly a little bit more:

I'm excited, can't you tell?

And I got to play with Aunt Emily and my older cousin, Sophia.

I gave Aunt Em some good practice for her baby #2. She was a lot of fun and carried me around a lot. And I thought about peeing on her during our diaper change, but decided that wouldn't be very nice.

You can tell Sophia and I are related because we both like our 2 fingers...
Of course Sophia is a big girl and gets to do lots of things that are beyond me (for now): like using a fork. Or chewing solid foods, for that matter...

Solid foods like yummy fruit popsicles.

Hey, I can look at them. A boy can dream, can't he? Besides I saw some Mom-juice-sicles in our freezer. If only I knew how to use my thumbs. And could reach the freezer handle. Ah well, I will live vicariously for now...

Aside from aspiring to be a big kid, like Sophia, I did get to spend a lot of quality time hanging out with Mimi and PopPop:

And I got to meet Mircea and Barbel, which Mom and Dad were so happy about. We Marks are good looking peeps:

And we all Skyped with Aunt Jenna, who is living in Israel. I missed getting to see her in person again, but Uncle Tito kept it real with me. He even helped Mom change my diaper. He and I have similar schedules: Eat, burp, nap, repeat. We're clearly soul brothers.

All-in-all, it was a very successful, fun trip. I generally like flying. I mostly dislike quick layovers, as everyone in the Chicago airport discovered on our mad dash between flights. I strongly dislike the TSA for breaking my car seat and screwing up my stroller. Of course, Mom is having so much fun dealing with the stack of paperwork related to that little mishap...
Most importantly, though, I really liked meeting (or re-meeting) all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends. Everyone made me feel so special.
Which I am, but still, it's good to see my adoring public.

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