Sunday, February 7, 2010


Barkus is the dog equivalent of Bacchus

Mom and Dad took me down to the French Quarter today for some Mardi Gras revelry at Heather, John, and Sullivan's house.

No. Not that much revelry.

We went for Barkus, the dog (well, animal) parade that benefits animal welfare organizations. It's a much tamer than all the other parades. And there are lots of kids and dogs... and Shetland ponies, Pygmie goats, and crazed Saints fans.

We had a great time and got to eat yummy King Cake and homemade jambalaya. We watched all the dogs -- well, I mostly watched Dad's chest (the brass bands were a bit much for me).

Here are me, Dad, John, and Sullivan:

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Urbancowgrrl said...

Aaaaah! Emma June and I would've loved to have gone to that parade with you guys! I'm ramping up the pestering JP to move to NOLA and he's just not buying it. I need some familial help here to put the pressure on! You guys are having so much fun down there!