Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hot Date

I had a hot date last night. With Miss Suzie. Miss Suzie is the Spanish teacher at school, and she got the honor of being the first non-Gramma person to do our nightime routine. Mom said something along the lines of, "The woman is a saint." She came over for dinner, then we played and watched some Curious George (her favorite); she gave me a bath and tucked me in. I think that technically she was babysitting me, but I don't know: There was sorbet involved... I was pretty excited about my date until I realized that Mom and Dad were also having a date -- and they were leaving! 
How dare they!
Good thing no one told me they were going to the aquarium for Scales and Ales -- I might have gotten pretty upset. Oh. Wait. I did get upset, even though I didn't know that aquarium part. They went to the aquarium? Without moi? Inconceivable.
Sadly, here's the proof. And I don't mean that Mom is a parrot head*.

Dad is wearing a lobster on his head. I think this is before they had drinks. Hmmm.

* I have suspected she had some bats in her proverbial belfry for a while. This explains everything.

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