Friday, May 11, 2012

Going, Going, Gone

You might think I'm talking about those delicious Morning Glory Muffins Mom sent in for school yesterday, but you'd be wrong. Though they were quite delicious and they are quite gone.

Dad thinks that I might be getting assigned extra snack days because of Mom's baking. He might be right given how many people seem to be sampling the wares.
Mom snuck off to see Miss Hillary yesterday.
Mom after she dropped me off
And she looked a little different when she came back to get me:
Mom donated 10" of her hair to Locks-for-Love. Either Mom is really nice or she really is trying to create a minion army of mini-me's (or mini-her's, as the case may be). I suppose we won't know until it's too late.

 Well, maybe she really is just being nice seeing as she accepted some karma pre-payment in the morning. Mom picked up this awesome easel for me on her run*:
People throw out the darnedest things.** It's missing the rod in the center for the paper roll and needs a little work, but it's in pretty good shape. And we got it free. I mean the Royal "We" -- Mom carried that sucker home from about 1-1.5 miles away. It's not heavy, but it sure it awkward. And it was pretty amusing to a few innocent bystanders. Thankfully she didn't find a sofa, right?

* It was out with someone's trash.
 ** We might have to start checking the running route trash more regularly.

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