Monday, July 26, 2010


Superman leaps tall building in a single bound.

Spiderman is way cooler, though. Part man, part arachnid.

Plus his outfit is way cooler.

Here I am trying out my Spidey moves. Who needs a building when you've got a nightstand that you can crawl onto. Haven't quite figured out how to use these finger things, but who really needs a pincer grasp?

Really, why does Mom buy me toys? She should just buy more furniture.

And a slide. A big slide.

Standing and cruising are my favorite things to do now. Today I pulled myself up using a fairly unstable object because I wanted what was on it (a coaster). I got up got the coaster and got so excited that I held the coaster with both hands.

Needless to say, that 4 seconds seemed like an eternity. At least to Mom. She was rather amused, despite my TIMBER. (This TIMBER went a little better than the one yesterday when I bit my lip. Did you know that split lips bleed like stuck pigs? I was meh-I'm-all-better after about 5 minutes, but Mom did mention changing my name to Fight Club this week.)

And I've figured out how to open my bookcase. Reading is fun! Of course, sometimes you have to pull out all the books to find the perfect one...

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